Watch Ed Sheeran’s Game of Thrones cameo

July 16, 2017

Say what you will about Ed Sheeran, but he's got a Game of Thrones cameo and you don't.

People like to pick on Ed Sheeran. He’s an easy target. But no matter what they say, there’s one thing that’ll ring true: He’s been on Game of Thrones, and you haven’t.

Sheeran cameo’d on the show’s Season 7 premiere, and was seen singing—natch—by the far with his fellow soldiers. His only line is “It’s a new one” when asked by Arya what he was singing. The real answer? It’s an original piece co-written with composer Ramin Djawadi, featuring lyrics from the books.

“Ed sings those lyrics and he’s great,” Djawadi said to Billboard. We concur!


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