This Slipknot Christmas sweater is a Yuletide essential

December 15, 2014

It ain’t easy buying gifts for the maggot in your life. Want to buy ’em Slipknot’s new album? They surely already own .5: The Gray Chapter. Want to buy ’em one of the band’s many, many masks? Head on eBay, and a Corey Taylor 1998 vintage will cost you $150 easy—and it probably won’t ship until the 25th. Thankfully, we have the solution: For a cool $60, you can order a Slipknot-themed ugly Christmas sweater from their webstore.

Of course, Slipknot isn’t the first metal band to release a Christmas sweater. But for Slipknot fans, would a Slayer, Emmure, or an Emperor-aping Foo Fighters tricot suffice? Hell naw. That’s Dylan Campbell below, who posted an image of his jumper on Instagram.

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