This guy used his cellphone as a drumstick to spite T-Mobile

May 11, 2016

And you thought you hated your phone company.

While any entity that takes a chunk of your hard earned cash every 30 days or so is unlikely to be your favorite (Y U no let me stay for free, landlord?), there’s a special hatred reserved for one in particular – cellphone companies.

Sure, you can switch brands for a 16th time, but the fact remains that you basically have two choices. First, there are the nice guys who offer approximately the same coverage as your childhood Fisher Price walkie-talkies. Then, there are the monolithic corporations most easily personified as a haggard witch cackling over a cauldron and watching the exact moment your soul breaks after being on hold for two hours trying to challenge a $1,342 phone bill.

After an experience akin to the latter where T-Mobile refused to replace his brand new Galaxy S7, Exotype drummer Michael Levine decided the useless phone would have to act as a stand in for (presumably) the CEO of T-Mobile’s face, lovingly smashed on his cymbals.

Did it help his situation? Not really. But sometimes catharsis knows no reason. Given his apparent propensity for blind rage, hopefully this guy never moves to Canada and experiences Bell or Rogers.

[h/t Metal Sucks]

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