The music fan’s guide to must-have merch at Walt Disney World

August 7, 2014

For music fans, there’s no shortage of things to do at Florida’s Walt Disney World—we could spend all day riding their musical rides. But even beyond the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith, the park has plenty more to offer music obsessives. Take, for example, the park’s Downtown Disney area, where you’ll find bustling merchants, world-class restaurants, and even a bowling alley. But our favourite part about the district? The shopping. We went hunting for music at Downtown Disney, and here’s what we found.

House of Blues Company Store

Like Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, the House of Blues is a Walt Disney World gem for music fans. House of Blues runs some of America’s most beloved venues, and accordingly, you’ll find a store packed with HoB merch, countless albums, and, of course, everything related to the John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd film classic Blues Brothers. The store also carries a wide array of picks, drumsticks, and harmonicas—essential items for all musicians, even if you don’t play the blues.


Yes, we know that, as Walt Disney World merch goes, the Mickey Ears are classic. But they’re only the tip of the iceberg. At Tren-D, Disney wares are modernized—and it’s for the better. The store features everything from organic loungewear to colourful bags—it’s the type of stuff that you’ll want to wear long after your trip South has ended. Bonus points: The store’s installations are among the best you’ll find at Downtown Disney.

Leather Goods

Is there a more enduring emblem of badassery than the leather jacket? (You don’t even need to reply. The answer, clearly, is no.) Mick Jagger wore one proudly; the Ramones did, too; and so, too, do countless bands carrying their torch. If you’re among the leather-inclined—and you should be—then Downtown Disney’s Leather Goods is a must-see. Featuring the handmade leather goods of Dave Biebel, who’s been refining his craft for 30 years, there’s an assortment of belts, bags, and wallets that, much like the Ramones’ motorcycle jackets, are timeless. Even better, they’re built to last.

Orlando Harley Davidson

Speaking of timeless badassery, is there anything more Marlon-Brando-cool than the motorcycle? Beyond having rows of eye-popping hogs on display, Downtown Disney’s Harley Davidson outlet has all of the leather goods associated with the 1%ers, which’ll surely please the inner Manowar fanatic (or Outsiders-worshipper).

Disney Design-a-Tee

We won’t mince words: As music dorks, we’ve all gone through periods where we’ve worn nothing but band tees. And for good reason: Bands put a ton of thought and creativity into creating the perfect shirt design, and as their fans, we get to reap the rewards. Disney Design-a-Tee allows a peek into the process—with hundreds of designs to choose from, countless colour options, and different shirt designs, it’ll allow you to sculpt a perfectly unique shirt.

Sunglass Icon

Kurt Cobain wore horn-rimmed sunglasses. RiFF RAFF wears unmistakeable Neff Brodies. While Kanye likely wears diamond-encrusted Versaces, he’s still known for his shutter shades. Indeed, plenty of musicians have worn iconic shades, and if there’s a place you can find ’em in Downtown Disney, we’re betting it’s Sunglass Icon, a boutique that carries everything from Guccis to Oakleys. But these sunglasses aren’t all about fashion—if you plan on lounging in the Florida sun, you’ll need a pair.

PoP Gallery

Jay-Z loves to brag about his art collection, and while we’ll never own $493 million worth of paintings, we can still dream, right? For humbler art collectors, the PoP Gallery hosts rotating works from local artists, featuring metal wall art, glass sculptures, and more. It’s not “Picasso Baby,” but it’s still a wonderful boutique in the heart of Downtown Disney.

The Trophy Room

Sports and music have a long and storied past: Snoop Dogg’s been photographed wearing just about every hockey jersey ever made. Miley Cyrus rocks a mangled Chicago Bulls jersey. Jack White’s been spotted unhappily sporting a Chicago Cubs jersey. If it’s the musician-sports fan vibe ye seek, the Trophy Room’s not only packed with sporting merch, but it’s also usually of the vintage-looking variety—no XFL jerseys here. Find it in Downtown Disney’s eclectic Marketplace Co-Op.

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