SCION SESSIONS: Watch Fresh Snow’s tripped-out animated video for “Blood in the Sun”

September 3, 2014

We’ve long admired the psychedelic, kraut-infused songs of Fresh Snow, who, by our estimation, are one of the finest bands in Toronto. Indeed, they’ve been on our radar ever since Wavelength’s Johnny Dovercourt named them a band to watch last February, and they delivered on their promise, riding this year’s I LP all the way to a Polaris Music Prize long-list nomination.

Now, the Toronto outfit is prepping another release: As part of the Scion Sessions Field Trip Discovery Series, Fresh Snow will be cutting a split 7-inch with AUX faves Programm, a band we named one of the nation’s rising dream-pop acts. Fresh Snow, for their part, will be offering up the intense, instrumental “Blood in the Sun,” a narrative video about a vengeful, well, sun. Created by designers Nick Sewell—who, most recently, is best known for Death From Above 1979’s badass, denim jacket-themed video for “Trainwreck 1979″—and Hector Herrera, the video’s a mixed-media freakout, combining illustration, animation, and inspiration from mobile video games. You’ll believe it when you see it.

“Life is a brief and beautiful thing that can sometimes appear to be ugly and horrible,” Fresh Snow guitarist Brad Davis said in a statement. “To me this video is about trying to preserve and protect that beauty. It isn’t easy and it is always filled with obstacles, but if you stick around the sun will find you.” 

The Fresh Snow-Programm split 7-inch—which is co-presented with Arts and Crafts—will be limited to 500 copies. It’ll be available at upcoming Field Trip Discovery Series concert series, as well as other secret pickup locations. (Word to the wise: Follow Field Trip and Scion Sessions’ Twitter for the scoop, located here and here.) And if you can’t get your hands on a physical copy, stream the split below.

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