SCION SESSIONS: Omhouse perform “All The Way” in the Great Hall’s freezing basement

February 7, 2014

Shot in the Black Box (the Great Hall’s basement, complete with sub-freezing temperatures) for Scion Sessions, “All the Way” is an attempt to reach another soul through three portals: Reality, imagination and death. It is set in three locations: a northern wilderness, the mind, and a coffin disintegrating in its grave.

Toronto’s Omhouse oscillates between intense, cathartic, riff-driven rock and adventurous electronic music. Their upcoming debut album Flesh to Flesh, Skull to Skull explores themes of guilt and masochism. Omhouse includes guitarist/singer/producer Steven Foster, drummer Evan Cartwright and bassist Ben Harney. In this performance they are joined by guest guitarist Carmen Elle.

Let us know what you think—or who you want to see featured next on Scion Sessions—in the comments.

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