SCION SESSIONS: HSY unveil the pummelling “Slimeball”

June 9, 2014

Like their Buzz Records brethren in Odonis Odonis—who’ve been dubbed industrial surfgaze by Toronto’s writerly types—HSY conjures up plenty of colourful labels: We’d call them shit-stained darkwave. Or noise-damaged industrial sludge. Either way, their destructive, feedback-laden take on post-punk has earned them plenty of accolades—and we’re big supporters of the self-titled EP they cut last year, which was produced by Dean Tzenos (of Odonis Odonis, naaatch).

AUX and Scion Sessions caught up with the band to record “Slimeball,” an especially hellish HSY track. “This video was filmed with high ranking members of the Illuminati present, their identities are concealed as they are well know in their communities as doctors, lawyers, politicians, and other up-standing member’s of society,” says Jude, the band’s mono-monikered founder.

“We were taken from our homes late at night to perform in a remote location. They took our electronic devices and declined us food and water. At one point we were brought to a giant room with our instruments all ready set up for use. We did as we were told and played for what seemed like hours.

“After all was said and done, we were handed back our electronic devices, given a plate of food, and what seemed like our souls back. They covered their tracks well – all our social media that day was created by them posing as us, and our instruments were put back in their regular spots. Whatever happened that night, we now see the truth and what is what.”

PREACH, HSY. So, are you ready for the truth? Open up your third eye and watch “Slimeball,” above.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 19 @ Adelaide Hall w/ Fuck Buttons – NXNE (Toronto, ON)
June 21 @ The Great Hall w/Perfect Pussy, Weaves & Mexican Slang – NXNE (Toronto, ON)
July 26 @ Jimmy Jazz w/ Soupcans – Incline/Decline Festival (Guelph, ON)

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