PREMIERE: “Hang With Us” music video by Garçons

April 24, 2018

On their new video, the Canadian duo drape luscious horns over lyrics that reinforce the magic of being an open book.

After meeting in 2014, it took Canadian duo Garçons, the dynamic duo of singer/songwriter Deelo and producer Julian Strangelove, over three years to finally land in the studio together. As avid students of the laid-back electricity that defined late 90s R&B, perfected by the likes of Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, their music rests in the comfortable assurance of standing out on your own, and against the predominant wave. Their new music video for “Hang With Us”  is the kind of immaculately produced, jazz-flushed sophisti-pop that sonifies the gloriously, sticky haze of the summer when every mundane moment feels a tiny bit like a movie.

Against a backdrop of pastel buildings and a late night trip to a convenient store, the Canadian duo drape luscious horns and glittering production over lyrics that reinforce the magic of being an open book. This is music to listen to over iPhone speakers in the park with your friends; the soundtrack for family BBQs where baby cousins run between feet and under tables; the gravitational pull of an artist performing in the distance during a late summer festival. File this next to Blood Orange, Solange and Chance the Rapper, albeit, with an unmistakable northern touch.

As artists from a scene that has a habit of relying on cliques and tight knit social relationships to bolster a public profile, “Hang With Us” offers a refreshingly  divergent message, one that amplifies the intentional repercussions of  bringing disparate people out of their isolation and into your inner circle: “The song and video is basically about encouraging people to just be themselves & to come hang with us,” Strangelove explains over email.

Earlier this year, the pair released their debut EP Body Language  which they describe as “a seamless blend of seven groovy, funky, colourful love songs that are sure to make you feel good.” We’re definitely feeling the love and as we enter May, we’re naming “Hang With Us” as one of our early contenders for song of the summer.

You can check out Body Language in full below:

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